How to Start Your Own Chocolate Club
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Don't tell anyone you want to start a chocolate club. This will put the kabosh on the whole thing. The most fertile ground for starting a new chocolate club is informality.


Go to your local supermarket, or specialty shop and buy two or three bars of dark chocolate.


Taste and select your favorite.


The next time you're talking to a friend, bring up the subject of chocolate. Tell them you tried a particular bar and boy was it good, or words to that effect.


Watch their reaction. You'll be surprised. Not everyone will deliver a noticeable reaction, but some people   will go soft like they were looking at a newborn baby. Their eyes will well up. They'll melt in front of you.


If you happen to have any chocolate on you (not a bad idea, and if you do, keep it in a bag off your body so it doesn't get warm and melt) offer them a piece.


Those who demonstrate NCR (Noticeable Chocolate Reaction) on this tasting, or at the mention of chocolate, are prime candidates for the club.


Don't reserve choco talk only for friends. Bring it up with acquaintances, people you run into only now and then. You'll be surprised. Some will have interesting reflections on chocolate you would not have expected. Suddenly you've got a common interest. On the other hand, some of your best friends may find the subject totally ho-hum, or worse yet, they'll prefer milk chocolate. Forge ahead.


Stop by a friend's house (one of your prime candidates) with a couple of bars you just happen to have with you. With the utmost spontaneity pull them out, "I was just at the store and . . ." and offer them up. Now the fun begins. Tasting the differences, distinguishing the subtleties between them, talking about it is fascinating in the extreme.


Suggest trying other chocolates too, and "Damn, I bet so and so would love this." With the chocolate senses now fully awakened everyone notices all the chocolate out there waiting to be tasted. "Hey, you wanna get together again next week and try some more!" Bingo! Club!


The above are only guidelines. Follow your instincts. Feel free to change anything except for number 1. That is a must.

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