Club Meeting of January 20, 2014



Tonight's meeting was just great.

Carrie and Gloria provided the six bars chocolate and it could not have been a better combination.

Gloria was in Portland, Oregon over the holidays and brought back three bars of a chocolate we had never heard of before - Mana. She also had a bar of Pralus, Madagascar.

Carrie offered another of Pralus, and one bar of Mast.

We have tasted these last three before but not in this combination and that's where it got interesting.



The bars in the order of tasting:

  • Mana, Peru, 74%.
  • Mana, Venezuela, 74%.
  • Mana, Dominican Republic, 74%.
  • Pralus, Madagascar, 75%.
  • Pralus, Djakarta, 75%.
  • Mast, Brooklyn Blend. 73%. (there was no mention of the bean origin)


The Mana were well liked with 6 out of the 9 palates present at the table.

Leonard, for example, scored two of the three an 8, and the third one an 8.5. He liked the fruity, floral taste and the overall brightness. Michael Parenti on the other hand gave one bar a 3 and the other two zeros. Ca alors! Leonard was dismayed and after rolling his eyes moved to heckling Parenti for the rest of the meeting. Parenti took it all in stride, flinging only a single piece of chocolate across the table at Leonard. Marissa also scored Mana low, giving a 4 to all three. But Leonard was not alone. Gloria scored two at 7, and Laura gave on an 8.5. Parenti sulked.

Moving to the Pralus made it all really interesting.

Everyone lit up with the Madagascar. It got two 9.5s, five 9s, an 8.5 and an 8. Marissa said she would hide this bar and not share it with anybody. Parenti said it reminded him of Robin Wright, and glowed with his score of 9.

The Djakarta did well too. Several noted smoky, caramel, incense. Carrie gave this bar a 10. Whoa! Luc was the lone dissenter giving this bar a 4.5

Carrie had a special fondness for the Mast bar.



The bars in their order of rating:

  1. Pralus, Madagascar
  2. Pralus, Djakarta
  3. Mana, Peru
  4. Mana, Venezuela
  5. Mana, Dominican Republic
  6. Mast. Brooklyn
Member Clifton Baron informed the club that regretfully he could not attend this month's meeting.

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