Code of Ethics
The Berkeley Chocolate Club expects that its members will abide by the following rules:
They shall uphold before the public, at all times, the dignity and reputation of the Club.
They shall be guided by the highest standards of personal integrity and moral rectitude.
They shall avoid and discourage sensationalism, exaggeration, or undignified and unwarranted statements, unless otherwise called for.
They shall refuse to undertake, if compensation is indicated, under any circumstances, work which may be of questionable value or result, without at first advising as to the probability of success, and unless prior permission is obtained from the Club.
They shall not use their membership as a means to gain entrance, obtain privileges, or secure benefits from any other private club, organization, or professional association.






  Woman thinking about the hot chocolate awaiting her at Angelina's Café on rue Saint Honoré while her husband scours the Paris bookstalls.

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